Who We Are

We are a national non-profit organization committed to helping family-led organizations and individual families acquire the knowledge and skills needed to effectively “sit at the table” and influence the policies and decisions that impact the lives of children, youth, and families, including families that face the greatest challenges due to disability, special healthcare needs, poverty, and discrimination.

We are a coalition of non-profit family driven organizations. National PLACE is operated by a volunteer Board of Directors who are advocates with extensive experience in educating and supporting the participation of stakeholders, especially parent organizations.

Why I Joined National PLACE

Briefing Paper on Family and Family Organization Engagement

The Importance of Ensuring Families Are At The Table

Parents Bill of Rights

National PLACE Summary of General Supervision Changes

Civil Rights Principles for Early Care and Education (ECE) – March 2022

Principios de Derechos Civiles para el Cuidado Infantil y la Educación Temprana – Marzo 2022

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