National Place Members

National Organizations

National Family Association for Deaf-Blind

National Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health

The Advocacy Institute

State and Local Organizations (* identifies abbreviations for designations)

Arizona:               Raising Special Kids (F2F, PTI, P2P)

Arkansas:            NW Arkansas Community Parent Resource Center (CPRC)

California:            Family Soup (FEC, FRC)

California:            Fiesta Educativa (CPRC)

California:            Parents Helping Parents (PTI, P2P, FRC)

California:            ParentsCAN (PTI, P2P, FRC)

California:            Rowell Family Empowerment (PTI, FRC)

California:            Support for Families (PTI, CPRC, FRC)

Colorado:            PEAK Parent Center (PTI)

Colorado:            THRIVE Center (FFCMH Affiliate)

Connecticut:      African Caribbean American Parents of Children with Disabilities (AFCAMP) (CPRC)

Connecticut:      Connecticut Parent Advocacy Center (PTI)

Delaware:           Parent Information Center of Delaware (PTI, F2F, P2P, FFCMH)

DC:                         Advocates for Justice and Education (PTI, F2F)

Florida:                 Family Network on Disabilities (PTI, F2F)

Georgia:               Parent to Parent of Georgia (PTI, F2F)

Illinois:                  Family Matters (PTI)

Illinois:                  Family Resource Center on Disabilities (PTI)

Iowa:                     ASK Resource Center (PTI, P2P, F2F)

Kansas:                 Families Together (PTI, P2P, F2F)

Louisiana:            Louisiana Parent Training and Information Center (PTI)

Louisiana:            Pyramid Community Parent Resource Center (CPRC)

Maryland:           Maryland Coalition of Families (FFCMH)

Maryland:           The Parents’ Place of MD (PTI, F2F)

Massachusetts: Federation for Children with Special Needs (PTI, P2P, F2F)

Michigan:            Association for Children’s Mental Health (FFCMH)

Mississippi:         Coalition for Citizens with Disabilities (PTI)

Missouri:             FACT Missouri (Family Organization)

Missouri:             Missouri Parents Act (PTI)

Nevada:               Nevada PEP (PTI)

New Jersey:       Association for Special Children and Families (CPRC)

New Jersey:       Bayada (Family Organization)

New Jersey:       Family-Based Services Association of NJ (FFCMH)

New Jersey:       Family Voices-NJ (F2F)

New Jersey:       SPAN Parent Advocacy Network (PTI, P2P, F2F)

New Mexico:     Parents Reaching Out to Help (PTI, P2P, F2F)

New York:           Advocates for Children of NYC (PTI)

New York:           Community Inclusion and Development Alliance (CPRC)

New York:           Families on the Move of NYC (FFCMH)

New York:           INCLUDEnyc (PTI, CPRCI)

New York:           Long Island Advocacy Center (PTI)

New York:           Parent Network of WNY (CPRC)

New York:           Starbridge (PTI)

North Carolina:  Exceptional Children’s Assistance Center (PTI, F2F)

North Carolina:  FIRST (CPRC)

North Dakota:    Pathfinder Parent Center (PTI)

Oregon:               FACT Oregon (PTI, P2P)

Pennsylvania:    Mission Empower (CPRC)

Pennsylvania:    PEAL Center (PTI, F2F)

Rhode Island:     RI Parent Information Network (PTI, F2F)

South Carolina:  Family Connection of SC (PTI, P2P, F2F)

South Dakota:    SD Parent Connection (PTI, F2F)

Tennessee:         Family Voices of Tennessee (PTI, F2F)

Tennessee:         STEP (PTI)

Texas:                   Partners Resource Network (PTI)

Virginia:                Center for Family Involvement/Parent to Parent of VA (P2P, F2F)

Virginia:                Formed Families Forward (CPRC)

Virginia:                Parent Education Advocacy Training Center (PTI)

Washington:      PAVE (PTI, F2F)

Washington:      Open Doors for Multicultural Families (CPRC)

Wisconsin:          Family Voices of WI (F2F)

Wisconsin:          WI FACETS (PTI)

W.Virginia:          WV Parent Training and Information Center (PTI)

Wyoming:           WY Parent Information Center (PTI)

Wyoming:           UPLIFT (FFCMH)

*CPRC = Community Parent Resource Center

*FEC = Family Empowerment Center

*FFCMH = Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health Affiliate

*FRC = Family Resource Center

*F2F = Family to Family Health Information Center

*PTI = Parent Training and Information Center

*P2P = Parent to Parent USA Affiliate